Personal Training

- 3 FREE Half Hour Sessions for each new Member!

    At Semper Fitness our goal with each and every new member is to offer guidance on how to use the equipment at our gym. We offer three half hour appointments to each new member, typically using that time to learn a Total Body Strength training circuit utilizing our strength training machines. However, if you are considering purchase of time you purchase. We use the time available to teach you how to do the workouts on your own, so additional time to develop and maintain a complete plan is recommended.

-Instruction time is geared towards teaching!
    We are here to offer assistance and guidance on implementing exercise into your daily routine. We are not here to "destroy" you with workouts or exercises. Using high intensity exercise can be a part of our recommendation to you to reach your goals, however, we aren't here to intimidate or reprimand you. Our goal is to provide you with a complete training program that you are able to follow on your own with as much or as little help as you need along the way.

-Real World Advice and Guidance!
    We understand there is a wealth of information available on weight loss and exercise, however, it doesn't always reflect a lifestyle most peopleare able or willing to adhere to. We can recommend a realistic approach to exercise and nutrition that is more easily implemented and followed.

-Personal Training Sessions Do Not Expire!
    All purchases are fully refundable within the first 30 days of purchase, afterwards the time purchased does not expire and can be used at the clients discretion. After purchasing one or more packages and learning a training program, additional time remaining can be used weeks or months later to ensure proper form and help with questions

-Continued Support after the Initial Purchase!
    After completing the training program during your initial personal training purchase, we will have produced several easy to follow workout templates that you can use to record your workout details. As you continue to improve we continue to update your workout templates and offer assistances as needed with any issues or concerns.

-Our Approach
    Our personal training goes beyond proper exercise execution Utilizing our basic strength training equipment, we will help you select ad teach you proper form on a variety of exercises that specifically meet your individual needs We are ultimately working towards the point that each client understands how to implement regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. That being stated our personal training is geared towards teaching clients how to complete multiple workouts as part of a training program and eventually moving towards independent workouts. We also offer assistance beyond exercise selection and execution; we are able to offer our clients help with nutrution, workout scheduling, best practices, ect

In order to get started we recommend scheduling a FREE consultation with one of our trainers to discuss your individual needs and how we can help!